Artisan Pizza Lovers Rejoice! – By Small City Big Personality

Artisan Pizza Lovers Rejoice! – By Small City Big Personality

It has to be said, I’m a bit of a foodie but contrary to popular believe this doesn’t mean I’m all about scoffing down truffles and caviar or dining at Michelin star restaurants.   Quite the opposite in fact.  For me, it means enjoying the simple pleasure that good food, cooked with care and love, can bring a person.

Nurturing your body with food that has been cooked from scratch, eating dishes made up of the freshest, tastiest ingredients and throwing a bit of imagination into what goes onto your plate is a joy that surpasses almost every other.

One of my all-time favourite dishes has to be the humble pizza.  Ever since I went backpacking around Europe at the tender age of 18 and experienced my first real slice of proper pizza I have been hooked.   Just picture a crisp, thin base, slightly wonky shaped from being hand thrown, smothered in a homemade tomato pizza sauce with creamy mozzarella and some freshly torn basil leaves.  Food. Of. The. Gods.

It will come as no surprise to you to learn then, that I’m a bit of a fan of Duo and the amazing wood-burning oven that offers up their soft yet crisp bases (how do they do that?) piled high with top quality ingredients.

The brainchild of Mr Herve Tabourel, Duo has been part of the Perth restaurant scene for the past three years and as anyone who has tried to get a table at short notice will testify, it is one of the most popular.  Sit-in or takeaway, the demand for these authentic, artisan pizzas appears to be never-ending and has been the ignition for the Tabourel’s latest venture, Duo2Go.

Situated just along the road at 8 Princes Street, Duo2Go will free up the burden of takeaway service from the main restaurant, giving all us pizza lovers quicker service whether we’re eating in or grabbing on the go.

And it gets even better…. Home delivery is now all part of the Duo service!  I’m delighted for my tastebuds and terrified for my waistline in equal measure.

Due to open in early March, we were given a sneak preview of the new Pizza menu in the form of these AMAZING images.  Never one for doing a thing by half we decided to ditch the Facebook post and go for a full gallery of pizzas oozing with bubbling hot mozzarella and atop those famous Duo bases.

Regulars will see some of the old favourites (Love me a Paula Pizza!) and the eagle eyed among you will spot that as well as new toppings there is also a new shape and – oh joy of joys – a double-ended posh option!

Ingredients remain as fresh and imaginative as they always have and new toppings include the Jack (sounds gorgeous already!) made up of Pulled Pork and Rocket with a drizzle of BBQ sauce, and the Manuel which brings together French black pudding, calabrese sausage and an egg.

The Super Pizzas come as an oblong and are bigger, crispier and in a choice of Posh Picante, Bistecca (with sliced Flat Iron Steak… OMCanneWait!) and a double extravaganza of half seafood and half reblochon, potatoes and bacon.

As well as pizzas, the new takeaway, Duo2Go, will also serve deli sandwiches made from their own bread baked daily on the premises, delicious salads, piping hot stews and fresh pasta dishes.     You’ll also find their other big success – homemade macarons – alongside their mouth-watering range of pastries and sweet treats.

Because everything needs tested, you can now order a home delivery from the existing Duo menu. What are you waiting for folks?


Huge thanks to Nicola Martin from Small City Big Personality for this Story. Be sure to check out Small City Big Personality Here.



Fraser Band is a professional photographer who is a self-confessed lover of pizza and beer.  I hear he tasted everything in this gallery!  Fraser has been working with Herve and Paula for many years and is the only man trusted to ensure Herve’s dishes sing from your screen with as much colour and life as they do from your plate.

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